Be part of an elite team of
fitness professionals
changing the way fitness
is done.

No experience necessary because we can train anyone with the right attitude to be elite.

We’re on a mission to change the way fitness is done and we need a team to realize that mission. Could you be the next member of our team of elite fitness professionals? Don’t worry, experience is not a requirement but the right attitude is definitely a must. 

About a T180 Career

Jobs are things you don’t like (even hate) that you only do for the money. Careers are things you like to do, but it’s still mostly about the money. A calling is when your work is about purpose and making the world a better place. When you show up to work for passion before a paycheck.

We’re looking for people who primarily want to make a difference in people’s lives, not people who just chase paychecks. We live in the real world, and, unless you’re a member of the lucky sperm club, you need a paycheck from your calling. We get that, and we pay better, but that can’t be the most important thing for you if you’re going to be happy and of value in this industry.


  • A real career (calling!) path.
  • Intensely rewarding work — we are literally in the life changing business.
  • An intense learning environment — you will learn more in 6 months with us, than 6 years at any other gym, or on your own.
  • No guess work on your part. You simply execute our system and coach the participants to move through the workout correctly and safely. We will train you in our system, how to do our classes, and how to modify exercises for all levels of fitness.
  • No certification or experience required. We can teach you everything.
  • Excellent training — become one of the best fitness coaches in the DC-metro area bar none, and you will do it faster than you ever thought possible.
  • We will help you get certified.
  • We are fun.
  • No sales or marketing. We will take care of all of that, all you have to do is master our systems, and wow our members to move ahead.
  • No traveling — the members come to us.
  • Travel stipend. No more parking tickets!
  • When you become full time there is paid vacation time, and health insurance benefits as well.

Who We Want To Apply

Has an awesome personality: energetic, enthusiastic, caring and motivating. Who is great with other people — who likes being around others, who others like being around and who is great at motivating others. Is passionate about fitness and about learning (if you think you know it all, this is not you). Is very punctual, professional and reliable. Can follow directions. We are only looking for people to implement our program, not someone interested in reinventing the wheel. We are hiring because there is far more demand for our services/system than we can provide. Who brings their best every day. If you can’t put aside whatever is going on in your life and show up with positive energy to give to our members, then don’t bother. Who likes to work. Like all things worth having in life, a great career (calling!) is something you need to work at. Fun. Part of our environmental policy is that we don’t allow employees to contribute to deforestation by keeping a stick hidden on them at all times.

Why is no experience needed?

Because we hire for attitude and train for skill. We can teach anyone to be an excellent coach, but we can’t teach someone to be punctual, positive and productive. However, we don’t think that experience is not a bad thing. As long as you have an open mind and a great attitude, then we’re happy to help take someone with experience to the next level.

How This Works

If after cover letter, resume, and interviews, we think you are potentially a great fit for our team, then we will invite you to a 6 week, unpaid internship. This will be 15-20 hours per week plus minimal homework. The internship is not a guarantee of a job. It’s an audition.

After the internship, if we think you’re a great fit, we will invite you to start out as a part-time fitness coach. We will continue training you, grooming you, and developing you until you’re ready to start leading our classes, coaching our members and potentially help you turn this into a full-time position with benefits (if a full-time position is something you want).

What to do if you are interested

  1. Do not call.
  2. Do not stop by.
  3. Answer the questions listed below and email to

The Questions:

  1. In your own words, what is our mission?
  2. What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of from the past year?
  3. Why do you think you would be a good fit for us?
  4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

If this is done correctly we will be in touch and will then request your resume. Do not send your resume with your questions. We will delete it if you do.