2017 Year of Quality: Focus on Persistence

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Let’s get gritty in this New Year! One thing we hear over and over again, especially from newer clients, is lamentations about failed attempts in the fitness arena. A few missteps can make you feel like a failure regardless of your intentions, often leading folks to give up. Additionally, there’s a ridiculous and pervasive myth in the industry that wanting to reach your health goals is the only thing you need, and if you haven’t it’s because you simply aren’t motivated enough. This is false and enormous lie that they use to take your money all while keeping you on an ineffective, exhausting hamster wheel!

Here’s the great news: we will tell you the truth! True180 Fitness takes an evidence-based and individualized approach to fitness that will empower you to succeed. Our coaches offer emotional support, practical guidance and exceptional training expertise but more importantly we focus on YOU! With a plan that is tailored to your life, your goals and your body that includes both wiggle room and back-up plans.  Read on for three ways our approach instills persistence:

The “buckle-down bump.Our clients achieve success through planning and preparation. They schedule their workouts. They make a weekly menu and prepare their meals. These habits begin to build on each other and create a momentum towards a healthy, balanced lifestyle that delivers incredible results. This bump in momentum, the sense of “buckling down” helps to rewrite the scripts in your head. You begin to swap negative self-talk in favor of more productive, positive views of yourself and your ability to persevere.

The “Aha moment.” Many of our clients’ frustrating fitness missteps were simply the result of bad information. Daily, hour-long sessions of steady-state cardio, such as the elliptical, will not help you lose weight or get fitter. Resistance training is crucial to almost any health and fitness related goal. The people with the greatest success in our gym can point to the moment that it all finally clicked. The moment they realized that what they had always been told was wrong. The moment they began to trust our process and challenge themselves to some epic workouts.

A hunger for excellence. The last piece of a persistence puzzle builds on the previous points. We have found that when your small successes build on each other and you have your “aha-moment” a passion ignites to perform better. From squats to Kettlebell swings you begin to focus on the details of your workout to really harness your potential. Or perhaps you begin to go after a life-long goal of completing pull-ups. You take your workouts seriously because you are proud of yourself and your abilities. 

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