5 Sneaky Motivation Zappers

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Here at True 180 we actually try to de-emphasize motivation. All too often people wait for motivation to strike and whisk them through habit and lifestyle changes like a gust of wind. The truth is that planned actions are the key to progress and motivation doesn’t need to play a huge role in that all of the time! But with the change in season there can be a bit of a zip in the air and momentum to start fresh and we’re all for helping you capitalize on that. Here are 5 things that might be pulling the plug on your health and fitness motivation:


  1. Lack of sleep. The power of quality sleep cannot be overstated. Proper rest helps to keep you our metabolism and hormone levels stable. It gives your body a chance to repair and grow stronger after workouts. When you scrimp on sleep you also experience cognitive deficits which can wreak havoc on decision making. In other words, when you’re tired, it is much more difficult to stick to your healthy, pre-planned grocery list when at the store. And it’s much easier to talk yourself out of going to the gym, or to put it off until “tomorrow.” Check out what else we have to say about sleep

  2. Bland/tasteless food. So many of us promise ourselves over and over again to eat better. If you find yourself losing steam after a week or two look at your plate! Nutritious foods don’t have to be boring. If steamed broccoli and baked chicken are making eating seem like a chore then spice it up! Try roasting your veggies for a different texture. Experiment with a new type of fish. You deserve to enjoy nourishing yourself and healthy foods can be delicious. Take the time to find what you love. Check out our recipe page for inspiration!

  3. Too much too soon. As mentioned above, it’s easy to ride the momentum of a “fresh start,” but you want to be mindful not to overhaul your entire life. You’ll burn out and be right back where you started. Instead, we recommend making small, sustainable tweaks to your routines. Swap your afternoon bag of chips with a handful of cashews and some celery. Go for just one glass of wine during happy hour and truly savor it.

  4. Fitness “inspiration” on social media. Social media will rarely positively impact your behaviors or your sense of self worth. There is mounting evidence that our constant bombardment of social messaging, especially through images, in fact reduces self-esteem and health-oriented behaviors. The first step in working towards your health and fitness goals is understanding that you deserve to feel confident and healthy in your body. Comparing yourself to the often filtered and altered images on social media will more often than not drain your motivation and leave you feeling frustrated and demoralized.

  5. Negative Self-talk. In a similar vein, bullying yourself will NOT lead to better self-care or health outcomes. We repeat, beating yourself up about they way you look or they way you eat will NOT help you progress towards a healthier, fitter lifestyle. Be aware of the way you talk to yourself!

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