DC Personal Trainer Tackles Conflicting Health and Fitness Claims

Monday, August 24, 2015

In the news and on the web there is a lot of contradictory advice – often advice from big name sources and with research claims behind both sides. So, what’s right, what’s wrong?    In this interview I go over 3 controversies with Bruce DePuyt:


1.  Does Breakfast Promote Weight Loss? (More on this here.)

2.   Should you cut carbs or fat?  Which one makes you fat?

3.   Does exercise help or hurt weight loss?


I think that one of the most important takeaways that I touched on during the interview is that the correct answer usually begins with “it depends who’s asking and why.”  This isn’t a copout, but rather a refection that everyone’s values, life, goals, and (to a lesser extent) bodies are different.  For example, here’s the 4th issue that we didn’t have time for during the interview:  No pain no gain, or stop if it hurts?

If you’ve read my previous articles on pain and fitness you would probably assume that my answer is a blank – “stop if it hurts.”  But it’s not.  For example, last night I was at the East Coast Conference Championship game for Arena Football.  For these players, they absolutely should play through pain if they can still perform because their season and their career is on the line.  However, in a workout that same player should never push through pain because that will compromise his ability to perform in a game.  If you don’t collect a paycheck for performing, then I don’t think it ever makes sense to push through pain (whether workout or competition).

I also want to say that discomfort and pain are not the same thing.  Discomfort is absolutely necessary for progress and results – if your body isn’t challenged it will not change.  For clarity, I am not talking about discomfort in your joints.



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