Fit Tip: 5 Ways Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Small Group Training is a process we are very passionate about. In a Small Group Training session you and up to three other people work with a coach. The client to coach ratio is low enough that you still get individual attention you need with an additional team feel that can make workouts more fun. It also creates a great community and helps you reach your goals faster. You can make an effort to see more of the friends you’ve made at the gym. It’s much easier for example to forgo a boozy, indulgent brunch if you have plans to meet up with your gym buddies for a nice walk on Sunday morning or hitting a farmer’s market to get your produce for the week. Making sustainable lifestyle changes will be much more manageable if you build a like-minded circle of support. And what better members for that circle than the wonderful people at True 180 who are all on the same page, working hard and succeeding like champs?

We also want to encourage you to bridge the gap between your “real life” and the gym. So another great option is to bring in the people you like to spend time with! At True 180 we pride ourselves on offering something for everyone. Whether it’s your thirteen-year-old daughter, a friend or coworker who’s been out of the gym scene for a while, or your father-in-law with a history of back problems we can help them move and live better! And don’t forget that we have incentives for any referrals you make.

Now that we’ve given you a few strategies for assembling your “team” here are 5 ways that team will work to make the dream work

·      Consistency! We’ve previously written about how having workout buddies helps you stick to your healthy routine. Knowing your buddies are expecting you will get you in the door, which can sometimes be the hardest part! The extra layer of accountability will also keep you more on track for other pieces of the puzzle such as nutrition, protein shakes and sleep.

·      Better Workouts. Aside from helping you get to the gym more regularly there’s research showing you can expect a boost in your exercise mojo. Working out with a partner can increase both your level of exertion and your performance. Plus finishers are more fun with friends!

·      Lots of love. A supportive fitness community is also a great way to get meaningful feedback. Oftentimes we are our own worst critics but we are brilliant at noticing other people’s accomplishments. Expect to be reminded of your incredible progress and hard work by the supportive squad surrounding you. This heartfelt praise will help you see yourself more realistically and can be really important in reaching your goals.

·      The Truth. In the same way, your team can offer very rational, helpful feedback and encouragement if you start veering off course. They will be there to remind you that you are absolutely not a failure for slacker for missing your Monday morning workout or splurging on one too many donuts during your meeting at work. They will be the voices reminding you how committed you are to your goals and all the ways you are succeeding. Staying positive is the key to finding strategies for success. You can read more about overcoming setbacks here.

·      Some yin and some yang. Everyone has ups and downs and you won’t feel like a super star during every workout. A good workout buddy or team of buddies will be there to lift you up on the days your dragging in the same way you pump them up when they need a little extra help. The benefits of these kinds of personal connections and relationships have far reaching health benefits. Social support networks improve life expectancy, heart health, mental health and quality of life.    





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