Fit Tip: Fitness and Focus

Monday, February 13, 2017

Last week we expanded on the value of enjoying exercise and gym time. True 180 is really proud of the fun, positive and passionate energy of our gym. This week we’re shifting the spotlight on the many ways fitness enhances the ability to focus. We are fired up about using exercise to make your life better. Our amazing clients have full, busy lives and we want everything we do inside the gym to creative positivity and momentum for what goes on outside of the gym! Read on for the top four focus boosting perks of exercise:


1.Your brain gets a workout.

Focus is just one of the ways resistance training improves cognitive function. Research shows that exercise enhances selective attention/conflict resolution, associative memory, and regional patterns of functional brain plasticity. Training at True 180 can give you a neurological boost in the ability to concentrate. You can cash in with higher productivity at work or you can free up more quality time for your loved ones or favorite pastimes.


2.We do the legwork.

Health and fitness are such difficult concepts to pin down these days. The overwhelming amount of information about losing weight or getting fit is enough to make even the most committed of us want to just throw in the towel. True180 coaches are fortunate enough to network with premiere researchers and practitioners in the field. We use an evidence-based approach to training and take out all of the guesswork. Focus is a finite resource and we empower our clients to allocate their mental energy to the things they care about.


3. Fitness can rewrite your story.

It can feel like the world is coming down around you sometimes. And insecurity can seep pretty deeply into your sense of yourself. True180 is in the business of helping clients shed the disparaging, inaccurate remarks they make about themselves. There is a powerful sense of control and confidence that accompanies fitness successes. Our clients take pride in the ways they prove their capabilities, strength and determination on a regular basis.


4.We offer liberation from the fear of “enough.”

Unfortunately there is a pervasive myth swirling around that in order to be fit or healthy you must spend hours each day exercising. This is false! Proper recovery is the key to getting results. Our coaches will help you make a plan for how to reach your goals in three or four workouts a week. What a great alternative to constantly worrying or obsessing that you aren’t doing enough! You are great and you can do great things.

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