Fit Tip: Fitness is FUN!

Friday, February 3, 2017

We’re cruising into February and hoping you haven’t lost steam on this year’s health and fitness goals! This is a notoriously “blah” month as the drab, grey winter seems to stretch on and on and the excitement of the holidays is but a distant memory. True 180 wants to pump some positivity into your life by highlighting a few of the phenomenal ways we make fitness fun!

You’re part of a team! Our members encourage each other, check-in with each other and care deeply for each other. Sometimes the idea of meeting up with your gym buddy or catching up over a cup of coffee after the Saturday Afterburn class is the extra push you need to climb out of your warm bed and head to the gym!

Groove is in the heart. A power playlist can always take your workout to the next level. In fact, there’s loads of evidence showing the correlation between the right music and increased performance and decreased perceptions of fatigue. From Shakira to The Temptations our gym plays a little bit of everything and we regularly update our playlists with our members’ requests. 

Our coaches love to coach. We hope you notice the way we light up when you walk in the door. It’s because we are really that excited to see you! There’s no denying how much more fun and enjoyable exercise is when you’re being coached by someone who is genuinely and personally invested in your progress. We laugh, we tell jokes and we do epic workouts.

It’s a grown-up playground! True 180 adheres to an evidence-based, functional approach to fitness. Luckily, this approach can be a blast! We have sandbags, kettlebells, the TRX system, jungle gyms, medicine balls, agility ladders, jump ropes, battle ropes and more. Our equipment is incredibly effective but also fun. It’s hard to explain the catharsis of all-out ball slams or the joy of hopscotching your way through a finisher. At True 180, we work hard and play harder!

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