Fit Tip: The Force Awakens (after 8 hours of quality shut-eye!)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

We’re closing out this month’s theme by focusing on the force that is a good night’s sleep! True 180 has regularly heralded the immense health and weight loss benefits of proper sleep habits and we’re at it again this week with four factors to consider for harnessing the force of adequate sleep:

1.      Decision-making. Everything from whether or not to grab a scone as a snack instead of your almonds, to that second glass of wine, or getting yourself to the gym or grocery store can be heavily influenced by your sleep quality of lack there of. Making healthy, goal-oriented decisions can be tough enough without the added challenge of mental and physical fatigue. Set yourself up for success by getting to bed on time!

2.      Metabolism and appetite. Research shows a link between sleep deprivation and the inability to regulate blood sugar. Regularly crimping on sleep might seem harmless but the negative health effects are pretty astounding. Lack of quality sleep has also been shown to increase your appetite, especially for simple carbohydrates which most of our clients avoid when doing their best to eat right.

3.      Recovery. Our clients train hard and don’t fear the heavy weights - and we are so proud of them! Proper sleep is the key to reaping the rewards of your labors. Epic workouts in and of themselves won’t actually get you all the way to your goals. The process of becoming stronger and leaner involves work at a cellular level that absolutely requires adequate sleep.

4.      Priorities. It’s time to get choosy. Building sustainable habits is the key to a life-long health and fitness journey. We know you are incredibly busy – so are  our clients – so when they try to make the change from sleeping five hours a night to sleeping seven they typically have to take a hard look at their priorities. We don’t encourage radical changes such as going from watching 3 hours of T.V. a night to not watching any at all but we certainly do encourage our clients to constantly evaluate what makes them happiest and healthiest. We’re on a mission to help people “live better” and re-establishing the value of proper rest and eliminating some of the “busy-ness” is a step in the right direction!

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