Fit Tip Mythbusters: Debunking the “All or Nothing Myth”

Friday, March 17, 2017

“It’s all or nothing!” This is what is known as a false choice. Our brains are really good at taking unnecessary short cuts. In essence, we tell ourselves if we can’t accomplish everything then we might as well do nothing. This terribly misguided belief unfortunately runs rampant in the fitness industry and we want to stop it in its tracks!

In reality, if you can’t do all five of your scheduled workouts and eat delicious, home-made nutritious meals every night then you have so many other great options besides skipping every workout, grabbing a bagel every morning and greasy, takeout every night. For example, if you have to skip out on a few workouts you can always pay extra attention to getting quality sleep that week and keeping your hydration on point. Or if you know you plan to indulge on an upcoming vacation you can find ways to sneak in exercise throughout the week. True180 is always encouraging balance and resiliency. It’s why our hard working clients achieve such phenomenal success. The trick isn’t to slave away at the gym or never, ever eat a cupcake. The trick is to be in control of the decisions you make instead of giving way to knee-jerk reactions and falling prey to false choice mind traps.

It’s really important to understand the dark downside to “all.” Overexercising will hinder ANY fitness goal. Doing too much without appropriate rest and recovery will sabotage your fitness efforts whether you are interested in weight loss, fat loss, mental health perks or performance goals. It’s a great way to wind up burned out and or injured.

There’s also an alarming and unhealthy fixation and rigidity these days around “clean” eating. True health and wellness relies on a bit of wiggle room and flexibility and liberation from shame! If you never allow yourself to indulge in the treats you love or are consumed with guilt and negative self-talk when you do, you’re setting yourself up for a long, frustrating road. True180 promotes an 80/20 approach to nutrition in which we empower clients with delicious recipes for healthy and feeling meals for most of the time but we encourage clients to truly enjoy and savor their sometimes treats.

  • Make a contingency plan. Chances are you’ve encountered obstacle before. Set aside time to think through positive solutions and jot them down. That way when you are stressed, under the gun or tempted to go for “nothing” you can pull out your trusty list and remind yourself to do the best you can with what you have!
  • Talk to your coach or gym buddy! Teamwork makes the dream work. Asking for help or support when you’re feeling bogged down can truly make all the difference. Sometimes when you’re feeling pulled in a bunch of different directions you need someone in your corner reminding you that you deserve to take time out to care for yourself.
  • Be intentional about the messages you receive. In this day and age there is sensory overload about what everyone else is doing, seeing and accomplishing. Some of our clients get caught up in comparing themselves to these edited, unrealistic snapshots and constantly feel as if they aren’t doing enough. Comparison, doubt and shame will never help you reach your goals. Self-love and self-acceptance is the only path to sustainable, effective changes. Trust your coach! Trust the process! Trust yourself!

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