Fit Tip: Quality over Quantity, Body Image Edition

Monday, January 30, 2017

So we’ve already pointed out several ways to make this a quality year. You want to keep your fitness game strong? We talk more about that here. Are you hoping to hone in on nutrition goals? Read these tips to help you strategize. Looking to build a lifestyle around healthy, sustainable habits? Check out this post.

For today we will apply the invaluable “quality over quantity” approach to body image. The unfortunate truth is that with the growing trends in athleisure, gym selfies and hashtags, most people are still pressured to equate fitness with an extremely narrow, unrealistic body ideal. Furthermore, constantly striving towards this goal sets you up for burnout, injury and self-destructive behaviors.

True 180 is incredibly passionate about spreading the truth about the many different ways true fitness looks and feels. Our clients achieve remarkable successes because we empower each and every one of them to celebrate themselves, their bodies and their abilities to move. Fitness is climbing a flight of stairs without feeling winded. Fitness is carrying your groceries home from the store without neck or back pain. Fitness is the joy and pride that washes over you after kicking butt in an intense Afterburn class. Fitness is actually looking forward to your morning workout instead of dreading it. Fitness is getting off of your blood pressure medicine. Fitness is keeping up with your grandkids. Fitness is the doing your first push-up from your toes after months of hard work. The real value of fitness is how it improves your quality of life. These moments of confidence, strength and determination say more about you than any number on a scale or the size of your biceps.

We know it’s easy to get hung up on numbers. There is immense pressure to weigh a certain amount, wear a certain size or even get a certain number or ‘likes’. These numbers don’t tell the right story though. And they often lead to comparison and negative self-talk, both of which actually torpedo all hopes of reaching your fitness goals. True 180 is here to help with this shift in focus and recalibration to what real health and real fitness look and feel like. Instead of forcing yourself into a box and running in circles to “quantify,” we offer ways for you to build strength and fitness from the inside out. Our tight-knit, hard working fitness family will be with you every step of the way! This is your year!

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