Jenny's Story

Sunday, April 3, 2016

I joined True 180 in early 2013 because I wanted to get back in shape after having my son.   My son was a little over two old when I joined and, while I had lost most of the baby weight while before, the last 10 pounds or so were hanging on and I still felt out of shape. Before joining the gym, my main activities were running, biking and yoga. I have always been fairly active and been able to stay in shape fairly easily. I was in good shape before I got pregnant but I stopped running when I was about 3 months pregnant and did not really get back into after my son was born. And, while yoga was very therapeutic and a good way to stretch and relax, I did not feel like I was getting an intense workout. Even though I had not lifted weights recently, I had done so in the past (about 10 years prior), and remembered how strong I felt when I had lifted regularly. I knew that I needed some good coaching to make sure I was lifting correctly and and motivation to do it regularly. So, I searched for good personal trainers and found True 180.  I really liked their holistic approach to fitness. They emphasized getting strong, having your clothes fit better and feeling good about your self and de-emphasized obsessing about losing weight and a number on the scale. I like that the coaches continually challenge me with new workout programs every 4- 6 weeks and this, along with coach’s workouts and the metabolic classes, keep me from getting bored at the gym. While being consistent with my workouts has really helped, I saw the best results when I combined the workouts with the trainer’s other advice about what to eat, the importance of sleep and drinking enough water.

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