Elise K

I thought that I just had bad genes, until I took control over my mind and body by stepping into True 180 Fitness (then TBYW).” It started years ago, the desire to be skinny and fit. My sisters and Mom were thin, fit and athletic.  You could even see my Mom’s ab muscles.  I have always wanted abs and thought, “If you can see my abs, I will be happy.”  I was so wrong. 

I had been a runner, running marathons, half-marathons, and everything in between, until I got injured. I did not know what to do with myself, so I just did the elliptical machine at the gym.  That didn’t really do much, except give me an excuse to move my legs and watch tv.

Eating has always been an issue for me. If it were in my house, I would eat it.  If it were not in my house, I would go out, buy it and then eat it. I would work out (do cardio) then eat chocolate; French fries, anything…and nothing about my body would change.  I kept on buying bigger clothes.  Eventually I got up to 160 lbs. a size 10, which on a 5’1” frame looks absolutely horrid. I was eating sugar, carbohydrates, drinking sugary drinks, drinking alcohol, and eating whatever I wanted and felt horrible!

I tried weight watchers, cleanses, dieter’s tea (thanks, Mom). Nothing worked. At TBYW, I was given a program and a fitness and nutrition coach.  I began eating meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, coffee, eggs, cheese, and even some chocolate (as a treat)! The pounds came off slowly at first, but I soon saw my body changing. I was participating in resistance training (weights) and interval cardio classes.

I took pictures weekly, hoping one day to finally get that photograph of me with “abs.” I started buying size 8’s, then 6’s, then 4’s.  Friends started giving me their size 2 pants and skirts!
I could feel my core muscles working.  My posture improved and I could feel my muscles relaxing into place. My brain was happy.  I was eating whole, real foods, and felt amazing - people could see it. I felt as if I radiated wellness.

I got abs, but I didn’t really care about them anymore.  I wanted to get stronger and be a more well-rounded woman. Mission accomplished! See Elise's video testimonial here!